Cruising the Kimberley: dinner under the stars

We are surrounded by the ocean on our last full day of the cruise, so we decide to sleep in until 6.30am.

It’s a laidback day, filled with food, snoozing, fishing and slide shows. There’s a photo competition among the passengers that is fiercely fought. Among our favourites are some of the amazing reflections we’ve all captured, many on the beautiful Hunter River.

After lunch, there’s a last chance to fish off the back of the boat. Fish are leaping out of the water all around us, while birds swirl overhead. DJ reels in the first catch of the day – a golden trevally. A few more golden trevally follow before fellow passenger Danny catches a bonito tuna. Bait fish pour from the tuna’s mouth when it lands on the deck.

We crowd around on the back deck, shouting encouragement and cheering whenever someone hooks a catch.

Chef Jayden slices the bonito into sashimi and we eat it for our afternoon tea a few hours later. It is insanely fresh and delicious. Three trevally are set aside to be turned into fish and chips for our lunch tomorrow.

We anchor at North Perron Island for the night. Long tables draped in white tablecloths and decorated with shells and candles are arranged on the front deck of the boat so we can enjoy our last dinner together under the stars.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Milky Way so clearly above me. The air is balmy, with a gentle breeze. It’s perfect weather to end our holiday. We sip pre-dinner cocktails and watch the glorious sunset before eating slow-cooked pork shoulder and asparagus pasta with lemon posset for dessert.

We feel so relaxed and happy, yet sad that it’s our last night aboard the Reef Prince. It’s been an incredible holiday and we’re already planning where we’ll head on our next expedition. Stay tuned!

The Thirsty Travellers booked their adventure on the Reef Prince with Expedition Cruise Specialists.

YESTERDAY: King George Falls

TOMORROW: Darwin for foodies

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