Sipping summer’s newest spritz: ROSIE

The Thirsty Travellers went to their first-ever sip & paint class this week to celebrate the launch of a new rose spritz beverage called ROSIE.

Pernod Ricard has debuted ROSIE just in time for summer picnics, barbecues and catch ups. The drink features flavours of strawberries, juicy raspberries and a hint of cherry, and is targeted at consumers seeking a ready-to-drink alternative to cider or beer.

The sip & paint class was held via Zoom and came with the warning that each bottle of ROSIE contains 2.8 standard drinks. Blimey! Fortunately we were comfortably settled at our dining table for the experience.

ROSIE comes in the most gorgeous bottle – which was the inspiration for our artwork – and we predict it will be an Insta hit over summer.

The class was led by an artist called Olivia Molly Rogers, who has the audacity to be talented AND look like this:

Participants were sent painting kits, four-packs of ROSIE and the most delicious hamper of nibbles.

It was a lovely, relaxed way to introduce members of the drinks media to the beverage, with plenty of time to ask questions about the product and unwind with a palette of pretty acrylics.

ROSIE is priced at $25 per 4-pack at Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores across Australia.

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